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Helping you make the right decision.

We empower true innovators with targeted financial strategies.

From Venture Capital to IPO & M&A Advisory, and custom Debt Solutions, we guide TRL 5+ hardware founders to market leadership. 

Serving your goals

Venture Capital Support

Recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities in the CleanTech industry, our venture capital services are specifically geared towards TRL 5+ founders.


We provide not just capital, but also strategic guidance and market insights to help these companies scale effectively.


Our approach involves thorough due diligence, crafting meticulous term sheets, and ensuring a strategic fit between the investor and the investee, fostering a relationship that goes beyond financial support.

IPO and M&A Advisory

For hardware companies in CleanTech ready to take the next big leap, our IPO and M&A advisory services offer the expertise and support needed to navigate these complex processes successfully.


We assist in every stage, from pre-IPO preparation and valuation to post-merger integration.


Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition, whether it's going public or merging with another entity, while maximizing value for all stakeholders involved.

Debt & Fund Structures

Understanding that not all growth can be fueled by equity alone, we offer structured debt solutions and fund options tailored to the specific needs of hardware companies in the CleanTech sector.

These financial instruments are designed to align with the company's balance sheet, providing a more flexible financing option.

Whether it's a convertible note, mezzanine financing, or a bespoke fund structure, our solutions are crafted to support sustainable growth without diluting ownership significantly.

Meet Some of our

Frontier Founders

A heartfelt thank you to our co-investors for validating our financial models and championing the startup teams we believe in. Together, we're building a future where innovation and integrity stand tall.

Bendega actively conserves Bali's mangroves, producing eco-friendly food chips while promoting sustainable livelihoods. Through their initiatives, they've created job opportunities for over 2,000 local fishermen.


Fossil Free Marine pioneers biofuel floating stations in Sweden, offering a green refueling alternative for maritime vessels. Significantly reduces the marine industry's carbon footprint. 

Fossil Free Marine

Our Greenery, based in Germany, creates innovative herb growing units for both personal and professional use. Making fresh, organic herbs accessible year-round. 

Our Greenery

Munasafn RVK, Iceland's pioneering tool library, enables the sharing economy by providing communal access to tools promoting conscious consumption and circular economy practices. 

Munasafn Tool Library

Buangdisini is transforming waste management by fostering transparency and empowering data-driven, efficient practices, thereby establishing new benchmarks for accountability.


Cylib revolutionizes recycling by converting waste from spent batteries and production scrap into market-ready products. Their end-to-end solution, from discharging to reintroduction.


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