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Our Story

At TACT+INVEST Group, we're committed to the success of deep tech and hard tech ventures, understanding the critical role of firsthand data in driving innovation.

Our engagement spans globally, from the innovation-driven ecosystems of the United States and Scandinavia to the emerging markets of SEA, reflecting our broad commitment to fostering sustainable development worldwide. 

Our Team

We've set ourselves an ambitious target: to facilitate a reduction in global CO2 emissions by 1 million tons by 2035 through our investments.

This goal is not just a number for us; it represents our contribution towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

By focusing on industrial-grade hardware innovations that offer scalable solutions for CO2 reduction with ESG compliance, we are positioning ourselves at the forefront of the fight against climate change, widening social disparity and the right to champion a purpose in your work life!

Poonam Balan-Ng

Managing Partner

Poonam's career spans continents, focusing on brand & organizational restructuring, digital transformation, risk management, leading public consultation roles  for emerging economies and advocating ESG & regulatory compliance. 

Her contributions earned her the CIBC Achievers Award during the financial crisis, she also advanced the Clinton Global Initiative's impact investing initiatives. A recognized cross-sectoral strategy leader. Her role as an ESG consultant for trade and SMEs highlights her dedication to embedding sustainable practices across industries.

Sascha F.P.

General Partner

Sascha's career combines deep technical expertise in scaled production and hardware development as the former Head of Innovation in Production for Mercedes Benz, where he led the transition to Industry 4.0 by spearheading R&D teams across Europe & China. Sascha specializes in CVC venture structuring in developed and emerging markets.


A graduate of Berkeley's Executive Management Data Strategy Program and a staunch advocate for energy transition in Germany, reflecting his commitment to blending engineering excellence with sustainable practices.

Our Approach

Our ESG BACKED program, launched in January 2024, underscores this commitment, especially in supporting minority-led startups. We believe in the profound impact deep tech has on addressing environmental, social and governance challenges, a conviction strengthened by our experiences in shaping corporate venture capital and infrastructure investments.

As partners in innovation, we're dedicated to empowering founders with the resources and insights needed to lead the way in sustainable technological advancements.

Explore our SFDR commitment here

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