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Responsible Investing for Humanistic Value

Experience Tailored Impact Investment Strategies – Our dynamic portfolio management adapts to market shifts, keeping your investments robust and responsive.



Access Key Market Insights – Explore investment products and insights tailored to your impact goals, covering both broad market trends and specific startup data.

Forge the Future of Finance – Be at the forefront with frontier technology partners,  innovative investment vehicles and  strategic foresight that pave the way for sustained success.


Isn't it the moment for you to create a lasting legacy? 

Your most sustainable triumph is just over the horizon.

TACT+INVEST Group, led by a female minority General Partner and an experienced industrial investor, merges global diaspora insights with German manufacturing precision. We are aligned with Article 9 of SFDR, committed to ESG-driven investment, and empower frontier founders with our DeepTech & HardTech tailored ESG BACKED 100-hr sprint program. Our policy sandbox events unite leaders from public and private investment pathways, focusing on IP protection, strategic partnerships, and sustainable growth within ESG and PRI guidelines, and EU Taxonomy compliance. With strategic capital management, agile policy development, and robust cybersecurity, we set a new benchmark in investment practices. As we transition into a family-run office, our dedication to ethical finance deepens, especially in CleanTech and ClimateTech. We adhere to PRI, IFRS, CSRD, TCFD, SASB & LKSG standards.

The Story of TACT+INVEST

Sustainable Construction

Encapsulates green building practices and materials that contribute to sustainable construction and circular economy principles.

Energy Storage

Critical for managing energy flows from renewable sources, ensuring efficiency and supporting smart mobility solutions.

Renewable Energy

Drives the transition to clean energy and energy efficiency, while supporting waste management through energy recovery.

Carbon Sequestration

Enables significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to advancements in water management and sustainable agriculture.

EV Infrastructure

Forms the backbone of clean and smart mobility, with a direct impact on reducing the carbon footprint of transportation.


AI enhances manufacturing and optimizes operations, while IoT bridges data collection with AI-driven analysis for efficient decision-making.


Meet us at SuperReturn & SuperVenture in Berlin 
June 3-7

As summer approaches!

Meet us at SuperReturn International and SuperVenture in Berlin from June 4-7, 2024. We are eager to connect with industry leaders to further our mission of reducing 1 million CO2 emissions in green energy and manufacturing. Additionally, our Managing GP will be at the SuperReturn Women in Private Markets Forum on June 3. Join us to discuss innovative strategies and collaborative efforts in sustainable investments.

The Minority-Led Startup Advantage

Statistics underscore the criticality of supporting minority-led startups. Despite facing disproportionate challenges in securing funding, these startups often demonstrate higher efficiency in capital deployment and innovation. Data from a 2020 Morgan Stanley report highlights that companies with more diverse leadership have a 36% higher likelihood of outperforming their peers in profitability. For LPs, investing in minority-led,  hard tech startups isn't just a diversity checkbox but a strategic move to back ventures with a unique blend of resilience, innovation, and market relevance.

Why Support Green Energy and Sustainable Manufacturing?

Why Support Green Energy and Sustainable Manufacturing?

Transitioning to green energy and sustainable manufacturing is crucial for our future. Insights from the European private credit market highlight the need for diversified and resilient investments. Green projects not only enhance environmental sustainability but also yield strong financial returns. Companies in this sector benefit from increasing regulatory support and market demand for clean technologies. Supporting these areas aligns with strategic goals to foster innovation, drive profitability, and ensure long-term sustainability.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our partners.

It was great meeting with your team, albeit briefly. Remarkably, we managed to touch upon a range of topics from space and the blue bioeconomy to cleantech, hardware, online safety, and investing. I’m looking forward to delving further into these discussions.

Deborah B. Lygonis

Nordic Ignite

Poonam inspired me to think about whole value and supply chains even more holistically, so that everyone involved gets treated in a fair way and not only to work towards the end product which looks "Green".  You inspire and encourage so many people. 

Ansgar Niehoff

REHAU, New Ventures

The TACT+INVEST group has a clear and impactful vision. Their entrepreneurial, technology-focused, and founder-first approach is refreshing. Their commitment to reducing CO2 emissions as part of their fund thesis is truly inspiring.

Alexander Vaselek


We support and advocate 

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